Progress on site in Birmingham


Wind mitigation canopy progress at Exchange Square Birmingham

We are very pleased to see the progress on site of the Wind Mitigation canopy that we have provided the structural engineering for at Exchange Square in Birmingham.  We were asked by the contractor to develop the architect’s intent so that the structure would be acceptable to the planners.  Key to the planners’ requirements was that the fascia be as sleek as possible and that the number of connections be minimised, and that the connections remaining were sensitively detailed.

Booth King achieved this by making the connections between the columns and the canopy minimal by cantilevering the columns from the bases for the lateral stability system.  Member sizes were reduced by suggesting reducing a couple of column heights which introduced more depth to the structure so that the geometry was more efficient.  The number of bolted connections was minimised by designing the canopy to be fabricated in a set of welded modules, beams radiating from the nodes at the column heads.  Splices connections were also detailed to be unobtrusive. 

We liaised closely with the contractor, exchanging sketches and 3-d models, as the size of the modules would be governed by the size of the galvanisers tank.

All parties are delighted with the outcome.