Project Update: Costa Coffee, Heathrow Airport

Building on our previous work on the Heathrow Estate with Costa and their design managers SGM, Booth King was very pleased to be involved in the design of Costa’s  most high profile unit to date, located at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Certain elements of the previous unit were modified and retained, and the stunning new feature canopy constructed over the top.

Booth King, took the concept design of Stiff and Trevillion. We rationalised the geometry so that the profiled surface, representing a plane taking off, could be generated with straight fins supported off beams bent to circular arcs.

The fins are special extruded aluminium sections by Contrasol, which are co-ordinated with the feature LED lighting by LAPD.  We worked closely with bespoke fabricators Littlehampton Welding for the steelwork which had to fit within the existing terminal structure and limit the loads imposed on the slab.”

For further details on our work with Costa visit the project profile page HERE