Revit Training at Booth King

Booth King has recently  introduced Revit training for its CAD technicians.   Stephen Greenall, Chris Munt and Shani Noon took part in a recent course.

Here our work experience student Sarah interviews one of the attendees Shani on her experiences of the course.

1. What made you decide to request taking part in a Revit course?
I chose to request this course in order to further my experience and become more productive at work. This would be achieved as learning how to use Revit would enable me to use a variety of methods for different jobs.

2. How did you find the experience?
I found the course to be very informative. Although I had a rough idea of what Revit was like and what it could be used for, it was nice to put these ideas into practice.
3. How can these skills be used to help you at work?
By earning a certificate through the course, I am now able to help in a wider range of projects. This therefore means I will be able to help Booth King stand out amongst other structural engineers.