Safely back from Ukraine


Our Director Andrea Manenti has safely returned from his mission to Ukraine where he has spent a month working as a Shelter Delegate in support of the Austrian Red Cross. Andrea spent four weeks in two of Ukraine’s Western Oblasts (Regions) – areas which are currently hosting significant numbers of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) out of the 7M plus who have been forced to leave their homes due to the ongoing conflict in the East, and are in desperate need of safe and secure accommodation as typical temperatures of -20 degrees set in. Andrea shared his expertise to support the ‘winterisation’ of local sites designated for conversion to Collective Centres, meaning refurbishing existing public buildings like Council Halls or existing school blocks and others, to residential units able to accommodate the IDPs.

Within a limited budget, Andrea’s role included compiling preliminary assessments to set the basis of the refurbishments, looking in particular at layout flexibility to accommodate bedrooms, separate toilets blocks for males and females, communal kitchen and dining areas and where possible social areas such as a children’s playgrounds. Plans also had to consider disabled access, the electrical system, drainage, incoming water, overall building insulation and the heating system. Reference to Sphere, UNHRC and other relevant Standards were set at cluster level and issued by the CCCM Committee to include not only Shelter but also Water and Sanitation, Health, Infrastructure, Protection, Education, Food and NFIs sectors.