108 apartments, along with substation/energy centre and ancillary buildings

108 apartments, along with substation/energy centre and ancillary buildings

Minerva St.

Project details

Sector Residential

Client Drum Property Group


Contractor: Ogilvie Construction Limited
Architect: Cooper Cromer

Location Glasgow

Value £17.5 million

Minerva Street residential development comprises 108 apartments, along with substation/energy centre and ancillary buildings. The site overlooks two of the most architecturally striking structures in Glasgow; the SEC Armadillo and the SSE Hydro. Upper apartments feature floor to ceiling windows to maximise the city views and benefit from solar gain.

The development comprises of a single stand-alone building, with phased handovers in sequence. One, two, and three bedroom apartments have car parking access through a secured undercroft.

Extensive engagement with Network Rail was required as the site being situated over a live railway line, with antivibration designs incorporated into the building foundations.

The development contributes a 15% reduction in carbon emissions beyond the 2007 Building Regulations (Scotland). This was achieved by utilising a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) and thermally enhanced building fabric. CHP provides low temperature hot water to heat the building and a low carbon source for electrical generation.

In addition, photovoltaic and solar thermal panels have been installed. Solar thermal panels have one of the lowest carbon footprints of all renewables, with just 10-35 grammes of carbon per one kWh of heat. A SUDs basin has been incorporated to manage surface water and allow it to be removed on site naturally without entering the drainage network.

Landscaping creates leafy spaces for recreation and a place for residents to relax in the heart of the city, protected from the elements by the building form

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