Significant structural undertaking

Significant structural undertaking

Tudno Castle Hotel

Project details

Sector Historic and listed, Hotels, Refurbishment


Architect: Allison Pike Architects

Location Llandudno

The former Tudno Castle Hotel was a Grade II listed building, redeveloped to truly preserve the character and principles of the original building, including a new extension to accommodate overall 90-bed hotel, three restaurants, a business/gym unit and related facilities.

The re-development of the Tudno castle building represented a significant structural undertaking. The original design for the development was to undertake a façade retention and re-build the internal area of the building into a more useable space. However, due to the very poor condition of the building it was unsafe, and before building work began suffered a partial collapse. The original building had to be demolished for public safety. To satisfy heritage and planning requirements (the building still had to replicate the original architectural appearance to maintain its Listing), along with continuing to tie in with the proposed usage has resulted in an irregular grid, and complex structural framing to facilitate the requirements.

The structure is a 5-storey, braced, steel frame, with precast concrete planks, sat on a raft foundation on natural sand, which also acts as the lowest ground floor slab. The façade is rendered blockwork to match the original building, and this is supported from a masonry support system at the 2nd level of steelwork (first floor), ensuring the building is in line with current guidance.

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